Whether you are attending a shower, expecting your first child, or even having another baby, these items are definitely needed for a baby.

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  1. Pacifier Clip

These clips have been a staple in my house! I even had two kids using them at the same time, so I use a different color for each kid. These save the pacifiers from getting dirty by falling on the ground and they make it a lot easier for the child to find their pacifier when needed. They work with most pacifiers brands too!

2. Car Seat Arm Rest

This little cushion provided the extra support needed when carrying a baby. It helps when holding the baby seat in the elbow bend. No more red marks!

3. Baby Carrier

I preferred a baby carrier such as this one shown above. I used it mostly when going out, walking, and shopping. But I have also used it around the house when my hands needed to be free. I have used the carrier with the child facing me and with the child facing forward for a view. It is a must in my book!

4. Boppy Pillow

Who ever invented the Boppy Pillow is a parenting genius! I used mine daily. I was even debating whether or not to buy one for the upstairs floor and have one for the downstairs rooms. In the beginning newborn stage, the pillow and I were inseparable. I used my pillow for feeding the baby, propping the baby up, tummy time, entertaining the baby on my lap, and even used as a cushion for those early sitting up days when the baby loses balance and falls over unexpectedly. I have even been known to use it for extra cushion or propping myself up! Well worth the money. I had two or three covers I used on a laundry rotation basis and as backup.

5. Baby hammock

Keep in mind, I had three kids under the age of 4!!!!!!!!! After dropping my oldest off at school, I had to run errands, including shopping! Where do you put all the kids and groceries? Well this baby hammock solved that problem for a while. I was able to have the baby safe and comfortable in the cart while still having room in the bottom of the cart for groceries. It worked for months. You have to watch the weight limits and when your child advances to sitting up and becomes more active. But this was truly a useful product for me!

I hope this list provided help in knowing what products can be useful when dealing with babies. As I said, I really used these products and would highly recommend them.

Stayed tuned for a list of must haves for toddler!!!!! Please let me know what you think of this list. Tell me if there is a stage you would like me to focus on and see some products to aid in that age group.

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