How to decide? What should we do about schooling this year?

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we have to make the best decisions we can to protect our families. Parents all around the world are determining how they want to proceed with the new school year. There is no right answer. I will not list the pros and cons for the various forms of education […]

Things NOT said in my house.

There are certain words or phrases that are not acceptable in my house. I refrain from using them and my children are not allowed to say them either. Disclaimer: These words/phrases are in no way shape or form being advertised. When a guest comes into my home, I do not censor their speech.  These are what […]

Products you must have with toddlers.

Having four children, 3 of whom are toddlers currently, I have made it my mission to find items that will help me everyday. The items that follow, I have purchased, used, and loved for years. I hope some of these may help some parents out there. This article does contain affiliate links. If you purchase […]

DO NOT say these things in front of my children!

Have you ever been out in public, shopping, at a restaurant, or in the neighborhood and people stop to talk to you and say questionable things to you? I am a mother of four children. And every single time I leave my house, it is guaranteed that I will come back with a story. People look […]