Funny Parenting Confessions

As parents, we try to do our best on a daily basis. However, there are those times when the situation gets the better of us. We have all had them. This article is meant to be a funny representation of parenting.

Drive Around the Block

       Have you ever been driving in a car for any length of time, to arrive at your destination to find that your child is sleeping in the back seat? I will admit to driving around the block a few times just to enjoy the quiet and not dare wake a sleeping baby. The cost of gas cannot compare to a more happy baby.

Holiday Stress

         I probably do this every year. When shopping for stocking stuffers and candy at Christmas time, I find myself buying one (or more) bags of candy. JUST TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE! Or, I justify the extra candy because of a sale going on. But in reality, I dip into those extra bags of candy by December 4th!


        Did you ever step on a Lego piece with bare feet and hold back from screaming? Every single time I do this, I just wonder, if the inventor of the Lego ever stepped on one.

Double Bag

       My oldest is getting at an age where he notices everything. So, because I don’t want him to notice me eating more than I should and ask for more himself, there have been many times where I open a small chip or Doritos bag and dump the contents into another full bag. Yes, I eat two bags but they are half full of air anyway!!!!!!!

No Time

         Have you every been to a mall or store where they have mechanical rides in them? Have you ever told a white lie, like the elephant is sleeping, so they couldn’t ride it at that moment?

Your Mother

        I know for a fact that you have said something that your mother or father used to say to you. You know you are a parent when you start turning into yours.

After you have come to the realization that you are turning into your parents, have you ever VERBALIZED IT OUTLOUD? “I’m turning into my mother.”

 Then do you get upset cause you are talking to yourself on top of everything else!

Again, this is supposed to be funny anecdotes about parenting. No judgement here. Please leave me down in the comments some of your parenting confessions. I need to know that I am not the only one who has thought or done these things. I could certainly use a good laugh too.

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