Things NOT said in my house.

There are certain words or phrases that are not acceptable in my house. I refrain from using them and my children are not allowed to say them either.

Disclaimer: These words/phrases are in no way shape or form being advertised. When a guest comes into my home, I do not censor their speech.  These are what I have chosen and feel it is best for my family at this time. Their ages and experiences will change. The older they get, the more they will understand things. This list may change or more will be added.

These phrases might be used by them, in the future, but I hope I am raising caring individuals who will use them wisely and know the consequences if used incorrectly.


Swearing of any kind, is not permitted. Having 4 children who will repeat everything you say, you have to make an effort not to swear.

Although, I am human, and there have been times where a Lego or two have been involved and a curse word may have slipped!

Oh, my God!

Alternative acceptable phrases are:

“Oh, my goodness”, “Oh, my gosh”, “Oh, my word”.

We are religious, and teaching such deep topics to little children can be difficult, this is another way of teaching respect.

Although, last month, I did hear my four year (at the time) say out loud “OMG!”


These words can be hurtful. Once you put them out in the world, you cannot take them back. By trying to keep them from saying these words on a regular basis, the chances of them using them so loosely in a situation where you can not take them back is reduced.

I don’t like.

Alternative acceptable phrases:

“Not a fan of”, “Not fond of”

I do not need FOUR children telling me they don’t like what I cooked for dinner!

Saying “I don’t like you” is hurtful. I hope my kids don’t hear this said to them and I hope they don’t cause other kids harm by saying it to them.


I really do have an issue with this word. I believe that it is used so often for such a powerful word. Hate has done horrible things as evident by history. Saying “I hate these jeans”, or “I hate pumpkin spice” is so trivial to be using such a powerful word.

I don’t care

Again, I feel that this is a statement. A declaration. It carries with it too much weight to be throwing around.

My 5 year old better not tell me he doesn’t care that the toys are making a mess. My 9 year old should not tell me he doesn’t care his sister is crying.

My message is simple. Think before you speak. You may not agree with these examples, but you should the theme. In these times, we have to teach by example and show kindness.

Please comment down below if this article meant anything to you. Did it stop and make you think? Is there anything that you forbid in your household?

Products you must have with toddlers.

Having four children, 3 of whom are toddlers currently, I have made it my mission to find items that will help me everyday. The items that follow, I have purchased, used, and loved for years. I hope some of these may help some parents out there.

This article does contain affiliate links. If you purchase an item from clinking on a link, I may receive a small percentage of profit.

  1. Cup Straps

These straps have been a lifesaver! I have attached them to highchairs, strollers, car seats, and even regular chairs. These straps have saved the cups from hitting dirty floors, the cups rolling away and getting lost, and from me having to bend over a trillion times for each kid’s cup. I have also used these straps for toys as well. You can use these straps at home, at a restaurant, or even in the car. I have purchased numerous straps. I have them at home and in my diaper bag. They come in various colors too.

2. Safety Straps

SEALOVESFLOWER Universal Baby Chair Strap for Seating Infant&Toddler's Highchair Harness (Grey)

Another product that I use often. When your child is fighting a highchair, but a little too young for a regular chair, these straps are useful. These straps prevent your child from falling out of a chair and getting hurt. I have used these straps for more than just chairs. I have used them in shopping carts, restaurant high chairs, and even ride along toys outside. I usually have 2 with me in my diaper bag.

3. Cart/highchair cover

Skip Hop Shopping Cart and Baby High Chair Cover, Take Cover, Grey Feather

Do you know how often I have used these? I have used them every time I go shopping. This product covers the handle and the top section of the cart, to prevent the toddler from touching (and eating) the cart. I also use them in restaurants for high chairs. It prevents a transfer of germs and protects clothes from the not so clean surfaces of the high chair. I throw them in the washer and air dry them and they have lasted for years.

4. Tag along handle

MUST HAVE! When my fourth child was old enough to go in a stroller and sit up properly, my second born was ready to come out of the stroller. He was ready to walk, but needed some guidance on how to walk with and next to me. These handles have been instrumental in this learning experience. I have used them on my strollers for walks and other situations. They are so easy to use, I have used them on carts for when we go shopping and he has to stay close to the cart. They just loop over the handle and are as easy to detach. My son successfully knows his boundaries of where he can walk with me in various situations and locations. My next child will be ready to use this soon and they are still going strong. They have held up nicely.

5. Counter Chairs

I have 2 of these hanging off my counter in my kitchen. Having so many little ones at once, I needed a way to have them safe wherever I go. This is an excellent solution to me being in the kitchen. This not only allows me to be hands free when cooking, they are a safe distance away from harm, and they can also participate in what I am doing. They can sit there and watch me and interact with me. These chairs have given me quality time with my kids. They have learned so much by watching me and what I was doing, learned a lot of real world vocabulary, and now can help me in the kitchen. Based on the weight limits, one of my toddlers grew out of them, but I had another one ready to move up into that chair and they have held up over time.

6. Sippy Caps

These are so inexpensive, small, and convenient. You guessed it, I have 2 packages of these. Each of my children has a color and doesn’t confuse which bottle is theirs. They fit so much easier than bulky sippy cups when out and about. Not to mention less to clean! It helps with the transition between sippy cups and regular cups.

I am such a huge fan of these products. As I said before, I have all of these products currently in my home and love them. I do not regret these purchases. They have helped me everyday as a mommy.

Please leave a comment if you have used these products and agree. Tell me what products you use with your toddlers that you love. I am always on the hunt for a new product and ways to make my life easier.

DO NOT say these things in front of my children!

Have you ever been out in public, shopping, at a restaurant, or in the neighborhood and people stop to talk to you and say questionable things to you?

I am a mother of four children. And every single time I leave my house, it is guaranteed that I will come back with a story. People look at me like I have 100 kids! Their heads follow me as my crew passes them in a long line. When shopping with my husband for a sizable haul, we have two carts, we look like a three ring circus coming through!!!

I have received looks. I have overheard comments. I have heard conversations. And I have experienced some interactions I wish never took place.

My children are young but they are getting of an age where certain words do resinate with them. My oldest is able to understand what they are saying but doesn’t understand where the comment is coming from.

QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ASKED. CONVERSTATIONS HAVE BEEN HAD! Certain phrases, topics, words, and meanings have been questioned by my two oldest which unfortunately have been the start to conversations I was not prepared for at that age in the middle of Target!!!!!

I know the average household now a days is 2.5 children. I know I exceed the norm.  I know most people have no malice when they say these things, but I hope this blog will get people to think about their interactions. I hope people share this article and its message: Think about what you say before you say it.

I teach my children the idiom that words are like toothpaste. Once you say them, you can’t take them back. Just like you can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube.

Please do not say these things infront of my children:

You’ve got your hands full!

This insinuates that 4 children are too much to handle.

Are you crazy?

A word children understand, in which, I do not need them repeating back to me. There is nothing “wrong” with me because I have a big family.

You know what makes all these babies, right?

Uh…….. I will not have the birds and the bees talk in the toy aisle of Wal-Mart.

God help you/God bless you!

Insinuating that taking care of a lot of kids needs divine intervention.

How do you do it?

Like all moms, we just do. We find a way.


This topic of conversation is off limits. Not only do I not want to have the “talk”, I do not want to discuss permanent birth control medical procedures!

And my personal favorite (NOT)

Are these all yours?!

Whoa. This question is horrible on so many levels. In these times, we should know by now how insensitive this question is.  I don’t have to list the reasons about fertility issues, adoption, and so many more topics this statement offends.

In my nine years of parenting, I have been humbled. I now think more about what I say to people in general, not just about kids. I hope I am raising sensitive children to be aware of peoples’ feelings.

Please leave me a comment down below of remarks you have received from total strangers.

Remember to spread joy. “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” Marianne Williamson

Monster Energy Bites

  • Disclaimer: I did not create this recipe. I got it from thisishowwebingham vlog. This is where I am basing my measurements. I do not believe she created this recipe either. She got the recipe off the internet. The originator of this recipe is unknown at this time.

1 1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup honey

1/4 cup mini M&M’s

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/2 tsp. vanilla

It’s super simple. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. I did this by hand, but a paddle attachment on a mixer would speed up the process.

You roll them into ball shape. I used a tablespoon cookie scoop to ensure equivalent size first, and then rolled them in my hands to shape the ball.

I placed them on a lined cookie sheet. I used parchment paper to ensure they don’t stick and for easy clean up. I placed them in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes. After they set up, place them in an air tight container in the fridge to keep shape and freshness. They should last for 3 days. (If they last that long!)


Funny Parenting Confessions

As parents, we try to do our best on a daily basis. However, there are those times when the situation gets the better of us. We have all had them. This article is meant to be a funny representation of parenting.

Drive Around the Block

       Have you ever been driving in a car for any length of time, to arrive at your destination to find that your child is sleeping in the back seat? I will admit to driving around the block a few times just to enjoy the quiet and not dare wake a sleeping baby. The cost of gas cannot compare to a more happy baby.

Holiday Stress

         I probably do this every year. When shopping for stocking stuffers and candy at Christmas time, I find myself buying one (or more) bags of candy. JUST TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE! Or, I justify the extra candy because of a sale going on. But in reality, I dip into those extra bags of candy by December 4th!


        Did you ever step on a Lego piece with bare feet and hold back from screaming? Every single time I do this, I just wonder, if the inventor of the Lego ever stepped on one.

Double Bag

       My oldest is getting at an age where he notices everything. So, because I don’t want him to notice me eating more than I should and ask for more himself, there have been many times where I open a small chip or Doritos bag and dump the contents into another full bag. Yes, I eat two bags but they are half full of air anyway!!!!!!!

No Time

         Have you every been to a mall or store where they have mechanical rides in them? Have you ever told a white lie, like the elephant is sleeping, so they couldn’t ride it at that moment?

Your Mother

        I know for a fact that you have said something that your mother or father used to say to you. You know you are a parent when you start turning into yours.

After you have come to the realization that you are turning into your parents, have you ever VERBALIZED IT OUTLOUD? “I’m turning into my mother.”

 Then do you get upset cause you are talking to yourself on top of everything else!

Again, this is supposed to be funny anecdotes about parenting. No judgement here. Please leave me down in the comments some of your parenting confessions. I need to know that I am not the only one who has thought or done these things. I could certainly use a good laugh too.


Whether you are attending a shower, expecting your first child, or even having another baby, these items are definitely needed for a baby.

  • This site contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you should purchase any of the discussed products.
  1. Pacifier Clip

These clips have been a staple in my house! I even had two kids using them at the same time, so I use a different color for each kid. These save the pacifiers from getting dirty by falling on the ground and they make it a lot easier for the child to find their pacifier when needed. They work with most pacifiers brands too!

2. Car Seat Arm Rest

This little cushion provided the extra support needed when carrying a baby. It helps when holding the baby seat in the elbow bend. No more red marks!

3. Baby Carrier

I preferred a baby carrier such as this one shown above. I used it mostly when going out, walking, and shopping. But I have also used it around the house when my hands needed to be free. I have used the carrier with the child facing me and with the child facing forward for a view. It is a must in my book!

4. Boppy Pillow

Who ever invented the Boppy Pillow is a parenting genius! I used mine daily. I was even debating whether or not to buy one for the upstairs floor and have one for the downstairs rooms. In the beginning newborn stage, the pillow and I were inseparable. I used my pillow for feeding the baby, propping the baby up, tummy time, entertaining the baby on my lap, and even used as a cushion for those early sitting up days when the baby loses balance and falls over unexpectedly. I have even been known to use it for extra cushion or propping myself up! Well worth the money. I had two or three covers I used on a laundry rotation basis and as backup.

5. Baby hammock

Keep in mind, I had three kids under the age of 4!!!!!!!!! After dropping my oldest off at school, I had to run errands, including shopping! Where do you put all the kids and groceries? Well this baby hammock solved that problem for a while. I was able to have the baby safe and comfortable in the cart while still having room in the bottom of the cart for groceries. It worked for months. You have to watch the weight limits and when your child advances to sitting up and becomes more active. But this was truly a useful product for me!

I hope this list provided help in knowing what products can be useful when dealing with babies. As I said, I really used these products and would highly recommend them.

Stayed tuned for a list of must haves for toddler!!!!! Please let me know what you think of this list. Tell me if there is a stage you would like me to focus on and see some products to aid in that age group.

A guide to closing the age gap between siblings.

 I have been told, “you’ve got your hands full!”

A little background information is needed to know where I am coming from. I am a mom of four kids. Their ages are 9,5,3, and 2. When you add in my fun nephew, he is right in between at age 4. It is like a set of stairs! That covers a wide range of abilities. I try at family gatherings, parties, holidays, and everyday to do what I can to help these kids by giving them the tools they need to be successful, well-rounded, and independent individuals.  I do have my hands full, but hopefully, below I have given examples of how I have found success in accomplishing tasks with such a range in abilities.

Grocery Store

While shopping at grocery stores, it is inevitable to have to wait. We typically have a wait at the deli and at the registers. My husband and I have worked out a system where he waits and orders at the deli and I watch the kids. During this time, I will direct the kids to the produce section. It is only feet from the deli. I find a nice place that is not in anybody’s way and I begin my “lesson”. I will talk, discuss, and ask questions about the local produce we see. We usually pay attention if there are any special seasonal items or not so commonly seen items and start with those first. Typically, I will as my youngest questions regarding color or shape. I will ask my third born to identify the object. At this time, if it is an unknown item, I may have to tell them the name and give a little description. (i.e. gourds at the fall time) I will move on to my second born and ask him questions about it, like if he can group it into fruits or vegetables. Is it a root vegetable? Does it grow on a tree or bush? I may ask him to compare and contrast items like a banana and a plantain. I will ask my oldest harder questions like to spell the name without looking. We may use a scale to practice weighing items. Depending on how long the weight is at the deli, we get a few rounds like this in where everybody participated and we kept moving on to more items to keep the discussion lively and interesting.

The grocery store has many possible engaging opportunities. Depending on age, a child can hold a small clipboard with the grocery list and can cross them off after finding the item. The list can be words if they can read or they can be pictures.

Identifying the aisle numbers above them for the younger children. You can also discuss what is in that aisle which provides real life problem solving skills on how to find needed groceries. This shows grouping and categorization.

The older children have the chance to do mathematics with coupons, money, rounding, and recipe ingredient amounts needed.

Even older kids can use a calculator, use decimals, discuss budgets, sale prices, and so on.

Egg hunt

An egg hunt is typically done around Easter time. However, I just threw a “dinosaur” themed birthday party for two of my sons. We had a “dinosaur egg” hunt. These eggs were distinguished as dinosaur eggs by having dots on them. Before the hunt began, I took the time to divide up the eggs and locate them according to skill level. For my daughter, the youngest, hers were left out in plain sight close to the driveway. For my littlest son, his were back a little, but in plain sight. For my second son and nephew, theirs were all the way in the back of our yard by the bushes. For my eldest, he had to find them hidden very carefully throughout the yard. It was a hit! No tears. It didn’t take anyone too long and all were successful.

Dixie Cups

When one child asks for a snack, seems like they all want a snack. Am I right? Well, I am not comfortable giving the same snack to all my children. So I use Dixie cups to help me disguise my rationale. For example, we had purchased red, white, and blue     M & M’s for the Fourth of July. They wanted some as a snack. So, in the Dixie cups, I gave a decreasing amount of candy in each kids’ cup. The oldest got the most with a few and by the youngest, she had only a couple. Everybody is happy!

Wrapping Paper

This one is my favorite!!! With four kids, Christmas morning can be a little chaotic! I am the type that is taking videos and pictures to capture the look on their faces when they see their presents. While doing this, it is hard to read and pass out the gifts. For a while, my oldest passed them out. Then it hit me. I CODED THEIR PRESENTS. I wrapped each kids’ presents in one certain themed paper. The first year, it happened to coordinate with their Halloween costumes because they were obsessed with the character. Each kid knew which ones were for them. Even my one year old at the time knew hers were the pink princess ones! It went so smoothly. A $3.00 roll at Target was enough for the whole job for each kid.

Assigned Colors

Similarly to the wrapping paper, my kids have somehow been unofficially assigned a color. They all seemed to gravitate towards one certain color. I used that to my advantage. They all know what their color is and they know who belongs to what. The toothbrushes are color coded. Even their sunglasses in the car can be passed out due to the coloring code. We have the famous IKEA plastic ware which the kids can use the coloring code to help set the table. I have bins I use for different things throughout the house they can access. I have four shoe bins by the front door in which they know where their shoes go and where to get their shoes. My one year old was able to complete this task independently. Again, it’s about helping them foster independence.

Easter Eggs

Again with the eggs? Yes. This time, they are not plastic. We are talking about dying Easter eggs! I know kids make messes, but dye?????????? That stuff is permanent! I bought the special kid-friendly bib aprons, special spoon, and even whisk device to aide in this process. Despite my best efforts, we had meltdowns over not being able to see, reach, pick the eggs up………….Then I tried this. We all gathered around the kitchen table. My eldest was able to dye the eggs regularly. For my middle two boys, I found these white paper mache eggs from Wal-Mart. They used markers and colored on the eggs. My youngest daughter used these same eggs and placed stickers on them. Since they were all white, they all looked the same, and everybody had a good time!

Pumpkin Carving

Due to circumstances, we were unable to purchase a large pumpkin to carve this past Halloween. So I bought 4 of the Styrofoam pumpkins they sell at the Dollar Tree. My husband worked with my eldest and they actually used tools from previous kits and carved the Styrofoam. NO MESS!!!!!!! It was great. For my middle two boys, I also purchased from the Dollar Tree, two kits with face pieces that you insert into the pumpkin. It’s like a Mr. Potato Head situation. I won’t say that all the pieces ended up perfectly where they should be, but they had a great time being able to do this activity on their own. And I assisted my daughter whom I gave sticker face parts to place on the pumpkin. We displayed them for all to see!

These, hopefully, have been good examples of how everybody can be involved with an activity and how everyone can participate as a family. Please let me know what you thought of my ideas. Is this something that I can continue to give ideas on in the future? Is there anything specific subject matter I can address?

50 Random Facts About Me

Since I am just starting my blog, I thought I would take some time and write details about my life. Come on, lets start to get to know me!

  1. I am 5 foot 5 1/2 inches. ( The half is important!)
  2. I weigh—– not answering that!
  3. I have two smart and handsome older brothers.
  4. I have my degree in education.
  5. My favorite color is pink.
  6. I have had glasses since the fourth grade.
  7. I like making to-do lists and love the satisfaction of crossing items off the list.
  8. My greatest strength would be my detailed planning ability.
  9. I have one awesome nephew, who is my Godson who I love like crazy.
  10. A pet peeve of mine is when a grilled cheese sandwich bread slices don’t match up.
  11. I have 3 piercings in each ear.
  12. I sleep with the blankets up to my ears but yet, my feet stick out of the covers.
  13. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University.
  14. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.
  15. A goal I have, is to make homemade stuffing like my mom’s.
  16. My favorite candy is M & M’s. The mini ones, to be exact.
  17. Most people and kids would describe me as silly.
  18. An unbelievable singer is Tim McGraw.
  19. I am glad for the invention of the DVR. As a mom,  I don’t get “live” TV anymore.
  20. I am currently reading the book “The Toddler’s Busy Book” by Trish Kuffner.
  21. I look forward to watching the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies.
  22. I would be considered an introvert.
  23. I cannot live without chocolate!!!!
  24. My first job was at a movie theater.
  25. My favorite number is 25.
  26. Sandra Bullock is my favorite actor.
  27. If I could play an instrument, it would be the drums.
  28. Since becoming a mom, I now can cry at commercials, movies, and songs.
  29. My favorite sport to play is volleyball.
  30. My go to drink is water, but my favorite soda is caffeine free Pepsi.
  31. Turtles are my most-liked animal.
  32. I take on average of 300 plus pictures at special events like parties and holidays.
  33. I love to swim.
  34. Having to choose between the two, I would pick swimming in a pool over the ocean.
  35. An extraordinary movie is “Speed”. (Don’t judge!)
  36. I am famous for my chocolate chip cookies.
  37. I lost my dad, unexpectedly, when I was 28 and pregnant with my first child.
  38. Game night calls for Scattegories.
  39. I love to pack but hate to unpack.
  40. I am not great with driving directions. Thank goodness for GPS!
  41. I have never seen a Star Wars or Star Trek.
  42. Prefer to print photos and have photo albums.
  43. Mac ‘n cheese is my go to meal.
  44. Babies laughing is the best sound in the world.
  45. Bring on the surprises!
  46. I have always wanted to be a mom and a teacher.
  47. I would call myself a “memory keeper” instead of a scrapbooker.
  48. Obsessed with the Dollar Tree store.
  49. McDonald’s is my choice for fast food.
  50. The cup is half-full.
  51. * Bonus- since I didn’t answer the weight question.  I collect movie stubs, flattened pennies, and magnets.

Did I forget anything? Is there anything you want to know about me? Please comment and let me know.

Let me introduce myself.

I am a mom of four amazing, funny, and creative children. I have three boys and one girl. Their ages are 9,5,3, and 2! My house is full of noise, fun, and love. I am a teacher, who became a stay-at-home mom to raise my family. I love all things kids related. I love researching, reading, watching, and learning about children.

Given my education background, I find myself fusing my two passions together striving to do the best and be the best for my children. I am creating this blog because I feel with my experience and expertise, I have valuable knowledge to share with other mothers who are also doing their best.

I am hoping to create a community with mothers of all types who will share tips, tricks, and ideas to help each other out.