Don’t Forget to do these things before the New Year!

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, we now reflect on the year past and look forward to the New Year. We make resolutions and want to start the year off on the right foot.

The same goes for your kid(S). We need to set them up for a great year. We need to lead by example and show them how to make goals for the new year. I will have another post coming soon about resolutions. Right now, I am talking about beneficial things we can do as parents to set our children up for the second half of the school year. Where I am writing from, it is almost half of the school year point. With a new year starting and the second half of the year to go, there are some hints/tips/tricks to make that goal happen.

These tips can be used at any time though!

  1. Wash lunchboxes

I just throw the lunchbox in with a load of laundry (usually towels) and have never had a problem. I open them up and lay them out to dry to prevent odor. If this is not an option, you can use a disinfectant spray. Or at least use dishwashing towel and wipe out the inside lining and handles. With all the germs and food remnants, this is a reminder to give them a good wipe.

2. Add sanitizer

Adding a small, travel size hand sanitizer in their lunch is a good reminder for them to wash their hands before they eat. Some teachers have them wash their hands or use sanitizer in their rooms but, the hand sanitizer can be beneficial for any sticky residue or mishaps.

3. Clean bookbags

Similar to the lunch bags, it is possible to clean bookbags. Depending on material, it can usually be sprayed or wiped down for cleaning and sanitation purposes. Do their bookbags need cleaned out? Based on your child’s age, school, and habits; they can be included in this process. Go through items that need attention, saved, and disgarded. Complementary to the bookbag, do their folders/binders need cleaned out?

4. Deep clean water bottles/straws

If your child(ren) pack their lunch and have a water bottle or they carry a water bottle in lieu of a water fountain; it’s time to clean those water bottles. Some brands can have the straw and top replaced. A dishwasher may be used for some models (read all directions from the manufacturer before attempting). A straw brush can be purchased to fit down the reusable straw. This is not only for viruses but also to prevent bacteria from growing on the various parts of the bottle.

5. Add money to lunch account

Your child’s school will have sent instructions on how to send in money for school lunches. Most are electronic, but, many still accept checks sent into the building. Either way, check the balance and see if it is getting low.

6. Wash their winter gear

Wintertime is here for me! Which means hats, gloves, scarves, and so on. Go through to make sure for the first day back morning rush that these items are paired up and everyone has what they need. Do they need washed? Coats and boots get messy in the salt and snow slush.

7. New Supplies!!!!!!

Give them a little baggie of new supplies. Maybe they got new pencils or erasers from treat bags or stocking stuffers! They might need new pencils, crayons, and fresh glue sticks. Who doesn’t love a new box of sharpened crayons?


8. Donations?

Some schools/universities ask parents for donations. It can be snacks for a preschool class. Tissues or hand sanitizer for the classroom. Set the teacher up for a nice welcome back!

9. Thank you’s?

If you practice sending thank you notes, are there any that need to be sent to school? Did the teacher give a thoughtful class project? Did a friend give an unexpected gift?

10. Change/wash linens

I know that the month of December can become hectic with all the festivities, functions, and get togethers. I can’t seem to keep up with everything. This is a reminder to change the bed linens for the start of the new year. Maybe you had holiday themed linens that can be removed. Washing them later is a different story!! Getting the new ones on, is half the battle.

So, how did I do? Did I have any ideas that you didn’t think of? Did any surprise you? Is there anything that I missed? Please leave me a comment to help me out and any other parents out there.

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