Don’t throw these baby items away!!!!!!

“They are getting so big!” “My babies are growing so fast.” These phrases have been said everywhere. Most people can relate to the concept that a parents’ days are long and the years are short. They grow up so fast. Right before our eyes.

As they grow at this rate, I am constantly rotating clothes to the next biggest size, decluttering toys, and donating items no longer needed by my family. However, there are some baby items that I have not given away. I have found a way to give them new life. They have remained useful.

*This post contains affiliate links. If items are purchased through these links, I may receive a small percentage of profit.

  1. Bottle Brushes

I keep bottle brushes around. Although my children no longer use bottles, they still use spill proof sippy cups throughout the day. I find myself using bottle brushes in their sippy cups because of their size and shape, a brush does a more thorough job, than my ill fitting hand. I pop these in the dishwasher every now and again to keep them fresh and bacteria free.

2. Bottle brushes again?

Similarly to the bottle brushes mentioned above, these bottle nipple brushes can be used again to clean toddler sippy cups. They can be used to clean the lids, mouth holes, and keep rubber flow regulators clean and clog free.

3.Baby bottle cage

Now this mom hack is pure genius! (If I do say so, myself.) You will never guess what I use this dishwasher cage for!!! My homemade frosting piping tips!!!!! That’s right. After I wash them by hand to ensure cleanliness, I place them in the top section of the cage to run through a cycle in the dishwasher for sterilization.

I have used this cage for smaller toys, pump parts, cup parts, and countless other items. Even the above mentioned bottle brushes get a good clean through the dishwasher in this product. On the side is a place for reusable drinking straws! The options are endless.

4. Breastmilk storage tubes

I invested in these breastmilk storage tubes, during my pumping days. I couldn’t just recycle them. I found “out of the box” uses for them. After washing and boiling them (sterilizing), I have used them for lots of things. For example, after using some edible sprinkle “eyeballs” for a fun recipe in the kitchen, the package they came in, was unsuitable for storage. So, I used one of these tubes to keep the remaining sprinkles fresh. I bought pearl sprinkles for a special birthday cake topping, the extra were stored in another tube.

I have also used them for craft items. Glitter, gems, any smaller items like that work well in these containers. What about game pieces? They can be used for a number of reasons throughout the whole house.

5. Pack n’ play

Well, what can you do with a pack n’ play? I found an idea on Pinterest (original post unknown). I made a reading nook! You cut the mesh off of one side. Place a few pillows inside, place a crib sheet over the top, and you have made yourself a little get away your kids will love! My pack n’ play had this half mobile that attached from one side to the other. I was able to use that under the crib sheet, to even give the area a domed effect, allowing more head room!!!!!! My kids used this as a house, a fort, and even a camper. They found joy again in playing with this piece.

6. Baby gates

I keep gates around for numerous reasons actually. For any visitors who might come with small children. I still gate off the stairs. I use them during parties at my house to ensure safety for small guests. They can be used temporarily with pets.

But do you want to know what was the most fun? I built my kids a fort. I used a couple of the pressure mounted (inexpensive) wooden gates in my hallway. I turned the gate sideways and fit it to be above their heads. I then used a sheet overtop to create a “tent like” effect. They loved it! They spent so much time in there, and it kept them busy for quite a while.

7. Straps

I bought so many of these straps! I have used them in the car and highchairs with their cups, to ensure they would not fall on the ground and get dirty, but also, they could reach them and retrieve the cups themselves.

I have also used them in the car for other toys. Possibly, loop around the handle of a toy or around a stuffed animal. I have used them with my cart cover when I shopped. I encircled a toy and attached the strap on my cover. I have used them for the stroller. Again for toys and cups during outings.

To be honest, I currently still have some in my bag. They could even be used with older children and plain water bottles. The options are endless!

I hope these ideas were helpful. The point was to show how to get your money’s worth, products can be reused for other purposes, and that these items can still be helpful. I hope you can repurpose some of these items or maybe even buy some of these items based on my recommendations for later and multiple uses.

Did you like these mom hacks? Do you have any mom hacks? I would love to hear from you. I am always looking for good ideas to make my job a little easier. Let’s build each other up and form a community to help parents navigate this journey together.

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