How to decide? What should we do about schooling this year?

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As we navigate these unprecedented times, we have to make the best decisions we can to protect our families. Parents all around the world are determining how they want to proceed with the new school year.
There is no right answer. I will not list the pros and cons for the various forms of education out there available.  You will have to do research online, talk with neighbors, seek chat rooms on social media, and ask opinions.

I will not try to persuade you one way or the other. As, I too, am struggling with this decision in my own household.  What, I will tell you, is to ask yourself this one question:

Can I dedicate my family to this decision?

Whatever you choose, public school, private school, cyber school, homeschooling, or virtual you have to be fully committed to that choice. Notice I said “family“. The decision affects all in the household. Whether it is possible exposure in an in-person setting or being available to assist a student working from home if needed.

Once you make the decision, you should dedicate as much energy to that decision as possible to ensure that the student or students school year is a success.

 I will be following up this article with another blog that will share my tips on how to make this unusual school year a success. Stay tuned for that!!!!!

Does what I’m saying mean that you cannot not change your mind for the whole school year? Am I stuck for the whole year? I was told a student starting out with cyber school can move back to the in-person school setting?

One word: NO!!!!

You certainly have the opportunity to change your mind. IF you feel your decision is not working for your child or the family and need to make alternative arrangements, you certainly may. What my message is here today, is that the decision should be given the same respect and determination as any other school year.

For example, just to show the multi-faceted situations out there could look like, let’s take a single father who has a daughter starting second grade and a newborn. He is currently working from home. He decides to homeschool his child. He will have to determine if he can juggle lesson planning, instruction time, and working from home while up in the middle of the night tending to the baby’s needs. He very well may. I’m not saying it is impossible, but he has to think about the level of dedication it will take. Will that second grader get the support she needs? Will the baby get all the attention he deserves as well?

Think as a whole family unit. Are grandparents (age of at risk) involved with the children? And so on, and so forth. When you have made up your mind together, as the parent you need to set the tone. You have to put on the brave face needed to enter this school year. Lean on one another, seek help from friends or faculty. We all want our students to succeed. It starts from home with a positive outlook.

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