At some point or another, we all ask ourselves, “am I doing enough for my kids”? We worry about their academics, social life, eating habits, health, and the list goes on and on. Chances are, if you are even asking that  question, you are doing great. With the hustle of today’s society, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important. Money, material objects, numerous activities, the latest fashion, and newest gadgets are not the only things needed to be provided. They need love, guidance, reassurance, and made to feel special. I hope to provide some ways that are easy and free to guarantee kids that they mean the world to you.

Lunch Notes

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A lunch note is a quick and easy way to show your kid that your are thinking about them throughout the day. It can be a joke, reminder, picture, or a short message. It can be done on a napkin, card, or Post-it. I have even seen messages written on a banana itself! Whether it is written the night before or jotted down while eating your breakfast, it will still send the message to your child that you are thinking about them.

Secret Letter

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I had a pretty piece of stationary paper for Valentine’s Day. I wrote a secret letter to my son the night before and put it in his folder in his backpack. He got to read it when he was unpacking at school. Since the theme was love, I listed many of the things I love about him. When he came home, he placed it in his binder where we keep all his certificates and memorable items. He loved it, because I showed him how much I love and cherish him. It only took a few minutes the night before.

Cooking Buddy

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Dinner time can be chaotic! With school pickup, after school activities, homework, not to mention hunger meltdowns, I have made it a goal to start choosing one child to come out with me to the kitchen and help me cook. I have started a rotation system, while the other ones are with my husband doing homework and other things. Cooking together has so many benefits, teachable moments, and learning opportunities. But the focus on them at that time, makes them so HAP-PEA!

Voice Text

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In this day and age of technology, it is easy to keep in contact. One way, would be sending a voice text to your kids. The message could be played and not only would they know that you are thinking of them, you can reassure them with the sound of your own voice.

Wake Up or Stay Up

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There have been times when one child has gotten up earlier than the others. Use that time together. Snuggle, talk about the day, read together. Anything in those special moments together will start them off on the right foot for the day.

I have also been known to let my oldest stay up a little longer. Sometimes we watch TV shows, YouTube clips, talk about the day, or he shows me his latest Lego creation. He goes to sleep comforted.


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An “on occasion” way to build a bond with your child, is by passing down an heirloom to him or her. Depending on the object and the child’s age, an heirloom is a physical reminder of the love you have between each other.


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Give your children an opportunity to pick something out or choose something. They can pick what to have for breakfast or dinner. Pick what movie to watch or go see. They can pick the outing for the family. You will be surprised how much time and thought goes into these decisions. What seem like small trivial details we make all day long, are what the child will remember and build memories from for a lifetime.

Holiday Lunch

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Another example of how to show your kid they are exceptional, is by having a special lunch. Holidays are an easy way to spruce up everyday lunches. The internet and Pinterest have numerous ideas of how to convert the everyday items into holiday themed items. It just makes the lunch festive and your child knows that your are thinking about them while they are eating it. Even if creating these elaborate lunches seems daunting, you can throw a holiday napkin in the lunchbox. Stores sell a lot of snacks with seasonal packaging that appeals to the younger children. Because it is out of the ordinary, makes it more unique.

Goodnight Confidence Booster

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 A good established bedtime routine has been documented to show success. Well in that routine, I try and make sure that while I am saying good night to my kiddos, I leave them with one last thought before tucking them in for the night. It could be a compliment, something they did well that day, praise, or just simply a reminder of how they are a miracle. They will go to sleep with confidence in themselves that they can do anything.

Home Videos/Photographs

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Kids love to see pictures and videos of themselves. Whether they remember the event or not, they enjoy seeing themselves grow up and cherish those memories. This is a great opportunity to spend one on one time with a child and review more specific occasions. First birthdays, Baptisms, graduations, and first sporting events are all good places to start. Spending time together and sharing stories, will strengthen those memories so they never forget. Locations and names maybe hard to recall, but the feeling you get deep inside when you see these happy times will always be remembered.

I hope there were some ideas you can take and use with your little ones. If not the examples, the idea that making your child feel special is important.

“There are no perfect parents, and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.” Dave Willis

Please leave me a comment! Follow me. Let’s start a discussion, what ideas do you have to make your little ones feel special?

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