My Top 10 Favorite Movies

Let me first start out by saying this is hard!!!!!! I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the sky. I love movies. Give me a good movie any night. I do fit into the cliché category of romantic comedies, however, I do like all sorts of movies. These picks were extremely hard to make. They have changed over the years and may change again.  These movies are definitely ones that I can watch my whole life.


Do not judge! There is something about this movie, I don’t know what it is, but I love it.  Oh, wait, I know, it’s KEANU REEVES. Enough said.

The Wedding Planner

This holds a special place in my heart. It was part of the first date I would have with my husband. Every time I watch this movie, it just takes me back.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I know, I know, another Matthew McConaughey movie? What can I say? That southern accent and the charm.

Miss Congeniality

Another repeat actor, Sandra Bullock. I thought she was hilarious imitating pageant contestants. The ugly duckling turned swan gave this glasses and pony tail wearing girl some hope.

27 Dresses

I was able to relate to the main character in this movie. She did everything for everybody. Was reliable to the point of being taken advantaged of. She was overlooked, until one day, somebody truly saw her for who she was and appreciated her.

Pearl Harbor

It is among one of my favorites, however, I have only seen it a couple of times. I save it, as if I can refrain from ruining it. I still cry when I see it. I still get chills. I hope I never lose those reactions to this film. I love the soundtrack to this movie too.

The Cutting Edge

Talk about chills!!! The end of this movie never fails to give me chills. I have huge goose bumps. The push and pull between these two to finally come together at the climax of the film is magical.

Princess Bride

AS YOU WISH. My brothers and I can recite this movie word for word. Can’t explain it better than, this is my childhood.


Interesting choice, eh? Another movie that I could quote almost all the lines of dialogue. There is so much going on in this movie, from the costumes, backgrounds, and extras, I notice something new every time I watch it.


A musical? That’s right. I could belt these songs out like I was on Broadway. (At least, I think so.) I knew Christian Bale before he was a huge mega movie star!

Did you agree with my picks? Anything I left out? Please comment down below some of your favorite movies. I am always looking for recommendations.

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