Things NOT said in my house.

There are certain words or phrases that are not acceptable in my house. I refrain from using them and my children are not allowed to say them either.

Disclaimer: These words/phrases are in no way shape or form being advertised. When a guest comes into my home, I do not censor their speech.  These are what I have chosen and feel it is best for my family at this time. Their ages and experiences will change. The older they get, the more they will understand things. This list may change or more will be added.

These phrases might be used by them, in the future, but I hope I am raising caring individuals who will use them wisely and know the consequences if used incorrectly.


Swearing of any kind, is not permitted. Having 4 children who will repeat everything you say, you have to make an effort not to swear.

Although, I am human, and there have been times where a Lego or two have been involved and a curse word may have slipped!

Oh, my God!

Alternative acceptable phrases are:

“Oh, my goodness”, “Oh, my gosh”, “Oh, my word”.

We are religious, and teaching such deep topics to little children can be difficult, this is another way of teaching respect.

Although, last month, I did hear my four year (at the time) say out loud “OMG!”


These words can be hurtful. Once you put them out in the world, you cannot take them back. By trying to keep them from saying these words on a regular basis, the chances of them using them so loosely in a situation where you can not take them back is reduced.

I don’t like.

Alternative acceptable phrases:

“Not a fan of”, “Not fond of”

I do not need FOUR children telling me they don’t like what I cooked for dinner!

Saying “I don’t like you” is hurtful. I hope my kids don’t hear this said to them and I hope they don’t cause other kids harm by saying it to them.


I really do have an issue with this word. I believe that it is used so often for such a powerful word. Hate has done horrible things as evident by history. Saying “I hate these jeans”, or “I hate pumpkin spice” is so trivial to be using such a powerful word.

I don’t care

Again, I feel that this is a statement. A declaration. It carries with it too much weight to be throwing around.

My 5 year old better not tell me he doesn’t care that the toys are making a mess. My 9 year old should not tell me he doesn’t care his sister is crying.

My message is simple. Think before you speak. You may not agree with these examples, but you should the theme. In these times, we have to teach by example and show kindness.

Please comment down below if this article meant anything to you. Did it stop and make you think? Is there anything that you forbid in your household?

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