Products you must have with toddlers.

Having four children, 3 of whom are toddlers currently, I have made it my mission to find items that will help me everyday. The items that follow, I have purchased, used, and loved for years. I hope some of these may help some parents out there.

This article does contain affiliate links. If you purchase an item from clinking on a link, I may receive a small percentage of profit.

  1. Cup Straps

These straps have been a lifesaver! I have attached them to highchairs, strollers, car seats, and even regular chairs. These straps have saved the cups from hitting dirty floors, the cups rolling away and getting lost, and from me having to bend over a trillion times for each kid’s cup. I have also used these straps for toys as well. You can use these straps at home, at a restaurant, or even in the car. I have purchased numerous straps. I have them at home and in my diaper bag. They come in various colors too.

2. Safety Straps

SEALOVESFLOWER Universal Baby Chair Strap for Seating Infant&Toddler's Highchair Harness (Grey)

Another product that I use often. When your child is fighting a highchair, but a little too young for a regular chair, these straps are useful. These straps prevent your child from falling out of a chair and getting hurt. I have used these straps for more than just chairs. I have used them in shopping carts, restaurant high chairs, and even ride along toys outside. I usually have 2 with me in my diaper bag.

3. Cart/highchair cover

Skip Hop Shopping Cart and Baby High Chair Cover, Take Cover, Grey Feather

Do you know how often I have used these? I have used them every time I go shopping. This product covers the handle and the top section of the cart, to prevent the toddler from touching (and eating) the cart. I also use them in restaurants for high chairs. It prevents a transfer of germs and protects clothes from the not so clean surfaces of the high chair. I throw them in the washer and air dry them and they have lasted for years.

4. Tag along handle

MUST HAVE! When my fourth child was old enough to go in a stroller and sit up properly, my second born was ready to come out of the stroller. He was ready to walk, but needed some guidance on how to walk with and next to me. These handles have been instrumental in this learning experience. I have used them on my strollers for walks and other situations. They are so easy to use, I have used them on carts for when we go shopping and he has to stay close to the cart. They just loop over the handle and are as easy to detach. My son successfully knows his boundaries of where he can walk with me in various situations and locations. My next child will be ready to use this soon and they are still going strong. They have held up nicely.

5. Counter Chairs

I have 2 of these hanging off my counter in my kitchen. Having so many little ones at once, I needed a way to have them safe wherever I go. This is an excellent solution to me being in the kitchen. This not only allows me to be hands free when cooking, they are a safe distance away from harm, and they can also participate in what I am doing. They can sit there and watch me and interact with me. These chairs have given me quality time with my kids. They have learned so much by watching me and what I was doing, learned a lot of real world vocabulary, and now can help me in the kitchen. Based on the weight limits, one of my toddlers grew out of them, but I had another one ready to move up into that chair and they have held up over time.

6. Sippy Caps

These are so inexpensive, small, and convenient. You guessed it, I have 2 packages of these. Each of my children has a color and doesn’t confuse which bottle is theirs. They fit so much easier than bulky sippy cups when out and about. Not to mention less to clean! It helps with the transition between sippy cups and regular cups.

I am such a huge fan of these products. As I said before, I have all of these products currently in my home and love them. I do not regret these purchases. They have helped me everyday as a mommy.

Please leave a comment if you have used these products and agree. Tell me what products you use with your toddlers that you love. I am always on the hunt for a new product and ways to make my life easier.

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