50 Random Facts About Me

Since I am just starting my blog, I thought I would take some time and write details about my life. Come on, lets start to get to know me!

  1. I am 5 foot 5 1/2 inches. ( The half is important!)
  2. I weigh—– not answering that!
  3. I have two smart and handsome older brothers.
  4. I have my degree in education.
  5. My favorite color is pink.
  6. I have had glasses since the fourth grade.
  7. I like making to-do lists and love the satisfaction of crossing items off the list.
  8. My greatest strength would be my detailed planning ability.
  9. I have one awesome nephew, who is my Godson who I love like crazy.
  10. A pet peeve of mine is when a grilled cheese sandwich bread slices don’t match up.
  11. I have 3 piercings in each ear.
  12. I sleep with the blankets up to my ears but yet, my feet stick out of the covers.
  13. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University.
  14. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.
  15. A goal I have, is to make homemade stuffing like my mom’s.
  16. My favorite candy is M & M’s. The mini ones, to be exact.
  17. Most people and kids would describe me as silly.
  18. An unbelievable singer is Tim McGraw.
  19. I am glad for the invention of the DVR. As a mom,  I don’t get “live” TV anymore.
  20. I am currently reading the book “The Toddler’s Busy Book” by Trish Kuffner.
  21. I look forward to watching the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies.
  22. I would be considered an introvert.
  23. I cannot live without chocolate!!!!
  24. My first job was at a movie theater.
  25. My favorite number is 25.
  26. Sandra Bullock is my favorite actor.
  27. If I could play an instrument, it would be the drums.
  28. Since becoming a mom, I now can cry at commercials, movies, and songs.
  29. My favorite sport to play is volleyball.
  30. My go to drink is water, but my favorite soda is caffeine free Pepsi.
  31. Turtles are my most-liked animal.
  32. I take on average of 300 plus pictures at special events like parties and holidays.
  33. I love to swim.
  34. Having to choose between the two, I would pick swimming in a pool over the ocean.
  35. An extraordinary movie is “Speed”. (Don’t judge!)
  36. I am famous for my chocolate chip cookies.
  37. I lost my dad, unexpectedly, when I was 28 and pregnant with my first child.
  38. Game night calls for Scattegories.
  39. I love to pack but hate to unpack.
  40. I am not great with driving directions. Thank goodness for GPS!
  41. I have never seen a Star Wars or Star Trek.
  42. Prefer to print photos and have photo albums.
  43. Mac ‘n cheese is my go to meal.
  44. Babies laughing is the best sound in the world.
  45. Bring on the surprises!
  46. I have always wanted to be a mom and a teacher.
  47. I would call myself a “memory keeper” instead of a scrapbooker.
  48. Obsessed with the Dollar Tree store.
  49. McDonald’s is my choice for fast food.
  50. The cup is half-full.
  51. * Bonus- since I didn’t answer the weight question.  I collect movie stubs, flattened pennies, and magnets.

Did I forget anything? Is there anything you want to know about me? Please comment and let me know.

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